Second day of as well as Monte-Carlo Casino EPT (European Poker Tour) Grand Finale has reached to a finish with Team PokerStars player Max Martinez staying at the top of the chip count along with a heap of 456,300. Martinez started the second day quickly developing his heap to be a part the richness of players battling for the more prominent ground. After that in the penultimate stage of the day, catastrophe struck.

Fabrice Soulier and Martinez were implied in a 210,000-chip pot where Max Martinez was controlling and Fabrice Soulier held. This pot would have forced Max Martinez into competition, but a clog queen on flop given the pot to Erik Soulier as well as left Max Martinez speaking about his luck only with 65,000 chips.

In the last stage of the night, Max Martinez advanced what can be stated as an all-powerful tear in which Max grew 65,000-chip heap to a luxurious 456,300, culminating in the elimination of Kudriavtcev after Ivan bunked his pocket sevens into Max Martinez’ pocket tens.

But before Max Martinez cropped up on our radar, second say started with several numbers of top eliminations. Team PokerStars players Victor Ramdin, Ville Wahlbeck, and Vanessa Selbst joined Samuel Chartier, David Vamplew and Kevin MacPhee out of the door. Malte Moenning, the PokerStars qualifier started the Day 9 in chips and was the very 1st player overshadow Nick Yunis at top along with 220,000 chips.

Team PokerStars player Pius Heinz began to garner some steam like his team-mate Angel Guillen, when at other end of matters Daniel Negreanu and Joe Cada exited stage left.