Focus on Ted Forrest

Ted Forrest is not only the popular poker player but also a nice person highly respected by his friends and colleagues. He is a man awarded with five WSOP bracelets. He started his career with a hotel at the age of 20. Then he moved to Vegas to play poker where he was able to earn sufficient money to make a living.

With his earning he was able to put himself in a school to continue his study. After his graduation he decided to start with a job $36,000 per year. But as a poker player, he could earn ten times as professional. Finally he decided to choose the alternative.

It was undoubtedly a wise decision where he was able to manage $54000000 in a live poker tournament. He is great in bluffing and knows very well how to eliminate opponents from the play. He is winner of five bracelets. Out of five 3 has been stolen and one he has given to his daughter. Last one is locked to a safe place. Chris Moneymaker is well known for his thoughtful bets with which he could earn more dollars. He is also a crap player where he has won big cash prize only in a single session. Another biggest reason why his peers respect him is he is considered as a businessman of poker.

Because of his strategies, Ted Forrest is able to secure top ranks. He is popular for showing best hands when others are not able to do it. There is list of victories associated with name of poplar poker player. He won 3 bracelets at WSOP in 1993. Till 2004, he was an honor of total five bracelets and established poker player. He is also good at poker tournaments and high stake games. According to research, he is able to play almost any hand against the opponent.