A spiritual Poker player

Doyle Brunson was a great legend poker player and his name is considered as the greatest and wise poker players in the poker history. He was also a television celebrity and he is known as multi talented and a great international player who got hilarious name in the poker game history.

Longworth Texas was the birth place of Doyle he saw the athletics life in his starting days of universities. His life has suffered many things and unfortunately he got a knee injury and then his career of athletics had been over from his life. Doyle has already started to pay poker before his knee injury and from then he has decided that he can go a long way in poker and he is not here for basketball.

He has completed his studies with his master’s degree and he started to do a salesman job. Fortunately Doyle got the invitation to play poker at the first day of his job. Here on first day job he earned one month salary in only 3 hours. This is the time when he realized that poker is a game in which he can make more money than his one month salaried job. In the year of 1976 he was among the WSOP players and succeed it twice as in the year 1977 also he got another victory. With the “10-2” hole & cards the Doyle has made the history in poker games for other players. He was the first poker player who earned huge tournaments around 1,000,000 dollars.

He not only played the poker games but also he wrote some books on poker game as his book the Super System and Poker Bible were the best selling books with his memories and strategies. He was a spiritual and simple man which had high passions that made him a best poker player.