The poker world continues to attract many players in its different categories. The advent of the games online has highly contributed to the increase in the number of poker enthusiast. There has been speculation that in the near future, the world poker series might involve online games. With more new faces in live poker claiming to have had prior experience in online poker games which helped them grow poker wise turning the hobby to a career for many more like Jordan Morgan.

Jordan Morgan surprised many after with his swift and successful entry into the poker games in his home game Oklahama. In an interview, Jordan agreed to making a significant amount of cash playing online games. In facts he stated that, while playing the online games, he was presented with a proposal to travel to a poker circuit tournament. This was on his first live poker game. He was quick to tell of his plans to turn his poker hobby to a full time career.

Talking about his previous experience in poker games, Jordan explained how he was introduced to the game as a kid. He developed a liking for the game which he futhered when he joined college even missing school for a poker match. Playing the games online had earned him quite a reputation and also helping better his skill. So far, his greatest achievement is when he won $1 million cash prize in a live poker game.

However, Jordan has a disliking for live cash games stating that he cannot stand the animosity that is seemingly always present in this game. Also, he claims that he cannot stand being in casinos for even a week leave alone a month. On the online games, he prefers cash games to tournaments. He has had to travel outside country for some serious online games which he love because they offer good cash in return.