No Female Poker Players in Final 27

Final 27 online poker players has entered the Main Event of WSOP 2013, Anton Morgenstern had lead its climax stage. The last female online poker player was Jackie Glazier, who felt out from the competition by occupying 31st position at the tables of event; and now all males are present at the tables of the competition.

At the end of Day 6, level 29 got finished and game got their final 27 players; these players heaved a great sigh of calm and relief. At the final day of the play, best team will be formed and world will get team of best November Nine.

On Day 6, Sami Rustom was leading each players with chip by holding 7 Million chips in his hands; but unfortunately he went on down against hands of poker player Philip Long at 39th position. Many other notable players fell down on Day 6 they were, Umang Dattani, Dan Owen and Jack Amyx. Jackie Glazier was one of the last female poker players to be eliminated from the Main Event of WSOP 2013; she is an Australian female poker player, she lost against Sergio Castelluccio at 31st position. She earned cash of $229,281 from the event.

Some big names are still in the list to achieve winning bracelet of 2013 WSOP Main Event. These big names include Carlos Mortenson, Octo Niner Steve Gee, JC Tran, Amir Lehavot and Rep Porter. Let see who earns the winning bracelet of 2013 WSOP Main Event; any one from these or brand new name comes in the list of winners. On Day 7 the game will start at the venue Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino along the top 27 poker players, and the will return back into their playing action. The game play will go on until the November Nine are not finalised. Keep watching for latest updates and news to know the top most final nine poker players.