Dimitar Danchevi

Though not a very popular name in the winning tables all over the world; Dimitar Danchev gained his grounds in the familiar territory of poker when he won a major title. This took him to the top of the charts of fame instantly. In the year 2013, when he won the Main Event of the PokerStars game, and cashed more than $1.8 million, he gained instant name and fame and this took him to places where most trend to fear. He started playing the game when he was very young. In his 20s, he started playing the game of poker and winning.

Once he started playing the game, it was not long before he started winning games and making large amount of money. When he made sufficient money to play at the No Limit Hold’em, he took his first step towards being a professional player. For more than two years, he worked as a full time professional player and left his mark at the professional tables. He earned from both the online poker tables and also from the live tournaments. He travelled long distances to play the game and this made him addiced to the live tournaments. His spell at the Italian tournaments earned him name and fame along with large cash winnings.

When Dimitar Danchev was back in Europe, he took his first step towards major victory when he finished second in the EPT tournament. Whenever he plays a live game, he is sure to win games from which he gets sure wins. He has been reaching final tables for a long time and ensuring that he gets to win it. Even if he has not been winning, he still manages to finish runners up in most of the tournaments. This is where he has proved his forte as a successful player and has ensured that his name is in the hall of fame.