Monthly SPP Race set for Switch Poker

The iPhone, Android and iPad users of the Switch Poker have very good news to rejoice. Being an exciting mobile poker room available for the world android and iPhone users, this is one platform all poker players love to have.

Latest News is that Switch Player’s Monthly SPPP Race has switched started on 3rd October. The SPP is about €500 worth and no poker player online will ever wanted to miss their chance to try some poker skills. As the race will have a validity of 14 days it’s never late to join the fun. It is the winners who grab the price and thus here is the deal! It is the 5 lucky and enthusiastic players who play the game for the most will be getting the €500 prize pool.

It is one amazing fact that everyone will surely get some brains to roll. The first position holder will get a whooping €250 which is the highest among the shared prize pool. Second position holder will get a good rate of €150, which is really worth winning and the third one will get around €50. The fourth and the last price holder will get €30 and €20 respectively. The price pool is really fantastic and it is more than enough to make the players interested.

There was a free bonus announced for those players who are registering early. Free bonus worth €5 was a good deal.
In order to claim this bonus you need to take 3 steps. First one is to register for the opportunity, which is a normal process and then verify the phone number, which is also a common procedure. After completing these two steps one can gain the €5 bonus and get started with playing. The Switch Poker launched in 2010 has lot of fans across the globe and is really cool.