Barry Greenstein

Professional Poker players are numerous who dedicate their attention to much of playing the game. Among such professional Poker players, Barry Greenstein is much familiar for holding the three bracelets. Barry was born in December 30, 1954 in Illinois. Earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois, Barry also studied PhD in Mathematics.

Started his career in various fields, he resigned from new start up company called Symantec at the age of 36. Being an American professional Poker player, Barry turned winning many titles and events along with the bracelets which offered him more fame. The reason for his nickname The Robin Hood of the Poker is that he contributed much of his winnings to the charities.

Impressive Philanthropist:
Poker Road is the website being run by Barry which is a poker strategy website along with his stepson Joe Sebok. Barry has been familiar for winning the title World Poker Tour for twice. Having written a book named as Ace on the River by 2005, Greenstein is much a philanthropist and successfully known for giving a copy of his books and autograph to those who defeats him in the tournament, Barry achieved the three bracelets WSOP during the year 2004, 2005 and 2008. Winning the titles twice on World Poker Tour, Barry also has won the WPT titles in other 2 events.

Also, Barry finished second place in 2008 World Series of Poker, he cashed in 6 events. Barry also plays online Poker at Poker Stars. Amused by the bet 2+2 forums to say Lol Donkaments in which Barry successfully won the bet, he also earned some of the donation from other known and charitable Poker Players. Barry was much a human and also has 4stepchildren along with his 2 children.