Poker played at an international level

Those who are familiar with game are also familiar with the players associated to this game and the types of tournaments taking place all over the world. The game is skill dependent like all other card games and thus the amount which is given after winning is also plentiful. Poker as a game was earlier limited to the casinos for playing but soon in the 21st century the game evolved and many online sites also came into play due to the craze for the game. One can even earn money online just by making a click. They get access to the greatest sites of the world with help of the web browser and also get a chance of entering the real tournaments like WPT (World Poker Tour).

The WPT played a great role in popularizing the game and is involved in a series of tournaments like Texas hold’em, and many such types. The WPT also made it possible to broadcast the game through television and radio. The players who win the prize money and finish the game at the end are also given golden bracelets which signify the titles they have earned.

Kaven Stammen is the name most of us familiar with, a world class player who won the 2014 championship at the World Poker Series; whereas Carlos Mortensen and Gus Hansen have won the maximum number of titles in the events that occurred so far. Along with this the WPT recently started the game also for the ladies WPT Ladies. Here the Women can play poker and win their chances. Nancy Todd is in the first position of the series whereas Venessa Selbst is the second though there is no scheduled for the event for the ladies to take place. The game with the help of WPT has truly reached in to a new level.