Low key local professional Dan Sindelar cracks WSOP November Nine

Dan Sindelar called for calculated steps toward a forum of admirers in the stands. One friend gave the thirty year old a beer as he inclines in for a few high fives and hugs. Sindelar softly sipped as if too much force from his lips might crack the Corona bottle. He spoke quite gently to belie the abandoned enthusiasm flowing through the Amazon Room in Rio.

All the things moved in slow motion for Dan in the minutes after he reached the Main Event final table of World Series of Poker, as if he had woken up in a shock. Dan Sindelar told that there is nothing that matches this. He has never, ever felt like this before. This is really something special.

Dan was as happy as the other 8 players who managed to reach the November Nine 2014 early Tuesday to clinch a payout of US$ 730725 with a scope at the US$ 10 million 1st position prize. The local pro, who matured in Nebraska, has just a different way of proving this.

Sindelar said that he just expects to play his game and not get out of his element, Just feel comfortable out there is the main thing. Sindelar dropped out in the middle of his junior year to pursue poker full time. He was doing well online. He played a little live, but mostly online. To win more in Vegas, Dan relocated in Vegas in the year.