Jerry Yang-Poker familiar for various wins

The games are really a companion for you to move on.

Thus the game is actually a choice to be made by you, whereby you can pick as like you wish to choose or play so. When your choice of game is something professional then you are at the right move to choose Poker as the game for you pass the time effectively, as the game is slight tricky which only a sound professional can manage.

Another very important player in the game of poker is Jerry Yang who is actually a Chinese player. This player being born in 1967, he went to the country of Thailand in the latter period. Then in the University of Loma Linda, he got his Master’s degree. Though he shined as a poker player, initially he was a psychotherapist and also as a person servicing social service. This player started to play this game only from the year 2005, and became a professional one too. He was very much noted in this game, as he had a totally different attitude and a technique here which made him seriously popular and gave him fame too.

Nicknamed Shadow:

He was also called as Shadow, which is his nickname too, and by the year 2007 he became popular after he won the 1st bracelet in his career in the Poker World Series. He beat a player at the final table who is the player Tuan Lam which was played for around 12 hours. Though he got a huge prize amount from it, he gave some to around 3 charities for the people. This player even made around 4 cashes in some of the events of California too. This player is considered to be one of the best among the game of poker even now.