888poker Offers New Tournament Game

888poker has been looking into the different recreational game strategies they can work with.

One of the new games they have introduced is the BLAST Sit-n-Go which is a fun and fast pace tournament styled game. Those who are unaware of the format of the game can find the following information handy. The games work fast and learning the rules is simple. BLAST games of this category have payouts of the lottery style and are four handed sit and go’s. Prize pools include doubling the buy in amount such as being eligible for 2 dollars when you have bought in for one. You could also give a 10,000 times buy in amount.

The games are superb turbo games which have two minute levels. The antes and blinds will go up after a few hands are played. The multiplier effect applies on the prize pool as well as on the tournament length. 5x and 2x games last for three levels while 10x games can go to four levels and 10,000x games go to six levels, which is a total of 12 minutes before the blast occurs.

There are certain strategies worth knowing before you start so that you can improve your chances. For instance, you need to know what your starting hands are. Those who understand the shorthanded strategy as well as how to attack other regular players, will find the game rewarding. The other strategy that comes of use is to push rather than to call, especially in an all in situation. There would be some players who are all in and all the time. That should not bother you, but you should take your time to call when you have a worthy hand against them. Again, if there are limpers you would want to condemn them in a turbo paced tournament game as this one.

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