Fate Of New York Online Poker Bill Still In Limbo

The legislature of New York may return to address mayoral control of New York City schools this year, but it does seems that J. Gary Pretlow the Assembly member special session will have an online poker opening.

A representative of Pretlow tells that the assembly member is will fight for the passage of online poker next year.

Hopes that are late often never materialize

The bill with an intend to authorize online poker cleared by the Senate on 13th of June, and Pretlow advanced it through his Wagering, Gaming Committee and Racing two days later.

But, unfortunately, soon it became apparent that the leadership of the Assembly was not in the mood to forward the legislation on the desk of the governor.

However, as if now in the legislature of New York everything is up for negotiation. The main issue at the session’s end was whether the lawmakers would extend the oversight of mayor of NYC schools. The mayoral is set to expire on 30th of June.

The Assembly has favored extension, on the other hand, the Senate has another wish, they want end of policy. This standoff had the potential to develop the opportunity for online poker.

If the leadership of the Senate was willing to take the extension of the bill, then they could ask the members of the Assembly for the policies they wanted in return. The online poker bill has been passed by the Senate twice with the only intention to have it in the Assembly.

And because the lawmakers don’t agree on the extension, the opening of online poker is pending.

So the fate of online poker is still in limbo and to get a clear picture online poker operators have to wait for some more time.

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