John Thompson Winner Of Sydney Championships

John Thompson played brilliantly at the final table and won the Sydney Championships Event 2018 at the Star Poker Room. Well, it was not the first victory for the poker champion as he has also won the title “Gentleman John” because of his friendly nature. The 2nd and the final day of the event started with 28 contenders fighting it out for the title and the huge prize money. Andy Lee entered the event in the chip lead with John Thompson and tried to kick off the action with one of smaller stacks. The final table started when Dean Boskovic was eliminated by Glen Pollett in 10th place. The first player who got eliminated at the final table after achieving 9th place was Michael Asad.

Lee could not make it to a podium finish on his 2nd day and finished in 8th place. After this point, Thompson successfully eliminated the remaining players single-handedly in his own style. The first one to get eliminated was Ken Demlakian. The action slowed down a bit when Pizanias jammed all-in using king-jack. But Thompson called out with ace-jack sighted and Pizanias achieved 5th place. Corey Kempson ran short on chips and was eliminated in 4th place by Thompson. The most successful player of the final table Mathew Wakeman was the one to go next in 3rd place. He entered the event with over a$7 million in both online and live tournament cashes.

Thompson was finally playing with his friend Zhi Hong Ma and the battle between the two didn’t last long and Hong Ma was eliminated too. Thompson upon his victory said he felt relaxed all throughout the tournament. He was focused and remained calm while he was playing. The best part is that Thompson never felt exhausted, although he kept playing continuously. The poker star has been playing the game for several years and probably his experience is what made him pay off well.

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